September 27, 2022

Cannot sign-in with Google with a message "Sorry, this app is not supported. Please try again later".

This problem seems to happen on Google TV, which is different from Android TV (this is very confusing).

While Google TV is not officially supported, it can install Android TV apps and thus the Cloud Signage app can be installed.

However, sometimes sign-in with Google fails on Google TV devices (e.g. Chromecast with Google TV, TCL Google TV) with showing a message like "Sorry, this app is not supported. Please try again later".

Google recognizes this problem since it was also reported at Google's community page, but does not seem to have a plan for a fundamental solution that fixes this bug.

How can I solve this problem?

Current possible solution (not a definitive solution, though) for this bug is only a factory reset of the device as advised in the above community page.

Factory reset can be conducted from device settings (e.g., on an Android TV device, Settings > Device Preferences > About > Factory Reset).

Note that a factory reset clears all the data stored in a device and should be carefully conducted.


At the moment, we have to say that "Google TV" should be avoided when using Android TV apps.

Official "Android TV" devices are recommended for the Cloud Signage app.