Various Features

Separate settings for each content

While signage contents are generally displayed based on default settings in the app, separate settings can be set by adding underscore-delimited values to file names (before extensions).

The example below indicates "the image is displayed for 15 seconds".


Setting Description Possible values
_d Display time (sec.)
Not applied to videos
_i Fade-in duration (sec.) 0〜10
_o Fade-out duration (sec.) 0〜10
_r Rotation (°) 0, 90, 180, 270
_s Scale f, c
_sf: fit into screen
_sc: cropped to fill screen

E.g. 1 "image_d15_i1_o1.jpg" → display time 15 sec., fade-in duration 1 sec., fade-out duration 1 sec.
E.g. 2 "video_r90_sf.mp4" → rotate 90°, scale to fit into screen

Web page as a signage content

Web pages can be used as signage contents by putting shortcut files (.url/.webloc files) on a Google drive folder.

Shortcut files can be generated by dragging the URL or key mark*1 on web browsers.

*1 Its behavior depends on web browsers.


By using web pages, dynamic contents such as weather forecasts and lunch/dinner menus can be displayed.

The width/height and refresh interval of web pages should be set using separate settings.

Setting Description Possible values
_ww Web page width (px) 1〜9999
_wh Web page height (px) 1〜9999
_wr Web page refresh interval (min.) 1〜1440

E.g. "web_ww1000_wh600_wr30.url" → show web page with width 1000px and height 600px, refresh web page every after 30 min.

Auto start signage on device boot

It is possible to automatically launch the app when a device is turned on*2 and start signage without entering the settings page when the app is launched.

These features enable easier handling of digital signage on various places.

*2 Premium feature for enterprise license


Sync display with multiple devices

Signage on multiple devices can synchronize based on accurate internet time.

This feature is especially useful for signage contents that cannot fit in a single display.

To utilize this feature, the total length of time of signage contents should be aligned.