Pay once, use forever.

A handy tool for digital signage and slideshow loop

Cloud Signage for Google Drive is an easy-to-use digital signage app that can update content remotely but does not require a paid subscription.

This app can be used as: digital sign board; digital restaurant menu board; digital advertising poster board; digital information display; online photo frame/picture frame; infinite loop of photo slideshow.

Remote content updates

Signage contents can be updated by placing images and videos in your Google Drive.

No subscription fee

Pay once, and you can use it forever.

Easy settings

Just a handful of settings to start. Of course, there are more extended settings.

Flexible display orientation

Displays can be set in any angle because the app can handle content orientation.

Android 5.0+ supported

Affordable Android devices can be used as dedicated signage devices.

Android TV supported

Large screen displays can be used for digital signage.

Web pages supported

Web pages can be used as signage contents.

Cooperative display

Displays can synchronize on multiple devices based on accurate internet time.

Auto launch on device boot

The app can be automatically launched on device boot without root permission.

Use Cases


Display videos of recommended dishes being cooked. The delicious appearance and sound increase customers' appetites.


Display product PR videos to create an attractive sales floor that promotes purchasing motivation.

Tourist spot

Introduce various attractive spots along with their business hours to revitalize the entire tourist area.

Government office

Show information about various subsidies and events for the convenience of citizens.


Display web pages of weather forecast in your office, storefront, or anywhere else you like.


For highly visible in-car advertising. Contents can be remotely distributed to all vehicles.

Quick Start

1. Download the app

You can try all the functions of a permanent use license.

2. Log in to Google

Add permissions to Cloud Signage. Create a Google account if you do not have it.

Create Google account

3. Put contents on Google Drive

Upload image and video files to a Google drive folder via your PC or smartphone and select the folder in the app to start signage.

Access to Google Drive

Next step: purchase license or master the app

Cloud Signage PRO can be started without detailed settings, but there are various useful functions. Try to learn them to use the app in a wide variety of situations.