Why the app exits unexpectedly?

There are various reasons why an app may close unexpectedly.

The following are known methods to stabilize the Android system and app.

1: Update the device firmware (OS) to the latest version

Updating the device's OS to the latest version may stabilize its operation.

All Android TV | How to do System Update or Software Update or Firmware Update

2: Update the system app to the latest version

Many Android apps including this app work by calling system app functions such as Google Play services and Android System WebView.

Searching for these apps in Google Play and updating them manually may improve stability.

How to Turn On/Off Automatic App or System Updates on Android TV

3: Stop automatic app updates

In some cases, automatic updates of this app, system apps that work in conjunction with this app, or the load on the device when unrelated apps are automatically updated, may cause this app to close unexpectedly.

We recommend that you manually update all apps to the latest version and disable automatic app updates in the Google Play Store.

4: Stop or disable unwanted apps

An Android TV device generally has a number of apps installed that are not used for digital signage, such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

In some cases, these apps run in the background even when not in use, causing a device load.

Remove / uninstall an App on a Google TV or Android TV

If you cannot uninstall an application, you can stop or disable it.

Some applications are necessary for the operation of the device, so do not deactivate the following applications in particular.

  • Remote control, voice input, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi related services
  • Android System WebView
  • Google Play services