Why does the app crash during displaying web pages?

The crash of the app during displaying web pages can be mainly caused by the following reasons.

Reason 1: out of memory

Web page content with specified width and height is too heavy for your device.

This can occur more often when two successive content is heavy. This is because the app in the background prepares the next signage content while displaying the current signage content.

To reduce this type of app crash, the following measures can help.

  • Decrease the width and height parameters.
  • Avoid using heavy web pages with JavaScript functions.
  • Insert an image file (and show it for a few seconds) between two heavy web pages.

Reason 2: Android System WebView update

Android devices periodically check the Android System WebView updates, which can cause the crash of the WebView and the app.

To reduce this type of app crash, turn off the automatic updates of the app on Play Store by the following steps.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Move to your Google account page and open "Settings".
  3. Disable your "auto-update apps" setting.